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How's it going? My name is Ali Rajabi

I'm a Developer

I enjoy programming and problem solving

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+98 (0) 936 482 2829

Tehran, Iran

Ali Rajabi

My Skills

Web Developing - Python, Go, Elixir PHP, SQL, Django, Phoenix, Yii, Symfony

Software Architect - OOP, Design Patterns, SOLID, Functional, Micro Services

Project Managing - Agile, Scrum, Rup

UI Developing - Javascript & Jquery

Database - MySQL ,PostgresSQL, Cassandra, Redis


My Experience


Senior Software Engineer Cafebazaar, Inc. From (2015-present)

Python/Go/Elixir/Cassandra/Postgresql/Redis/Django/Software Architect


Senior Web Developer Websepanta, Inc. From (2011-2015)

PHP/MySQL/Yii/JS/Software Architect/Project Managing


Web Developer/Software Developer Freelancer From (2005-2011)



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Phone : +98 (0) 936 482 2829

Email :

Address :Tehran,Iran